4 Oct 2016

Project "Measuring the Dutch clothing mountain: a feasibility study" funded

We are happy to announce that our research proposal has been approved for funding by the KIEM-VANG programme!


Period: October 2016 - April 2017
Contact: Irene Maldini i.maldini[at]hva.nl

With this research we want to make the first step in generating an accurate and complete quantitative assessment of the Dutch apparel sector as a source for sustainability-oriented studies. The consortium partners are already developing practice-based solutions for the issue of clothing overproduction and textile waste; however, these actions are based on information of uncertain validity. By mapping the origin, volumes, and price of clothing sold in the Netherlands, along with volumes wasted (both pre and post-consumer), and the final destination of clothing waste, a complete overview can be presented in one report. This overview is the first step needed to develop realistic solutions for reducing the amount of textile waste in the Netherlands.

There is a consensus that the fashion industry faces increasing environmental challenges; however, information at the national level is either based on assumptions, on data of uncertain validity or on foreign data. Therefore, this project aims to (a) map what already exists in terms of data and publications in the Netherlands, (b) develop a brief report that can be used as a source for practice-based research, based on available information (c) elaborate a set of primary guidelines to respond to the problem of textile waste in the Netherlands, and (d) develop a proposal for further research, in order to collect missing data and develop research methods that can be employed in long-term analysis, enabling overviews over time.